Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

DrDoctor’s new partnership with MBI Health sees integration of DrDoctor’s Quick Question tool applied to support trusts with hospital waitlist validation

DrDoctor, the UK’s leading patient engagement platform (PEP) supplier, has today announced a new integration partnership with MBI Health (MBI), the UK’s leading organisation for elective care automation and performance improvement.

The integration partnership, which combines DrDoctor’s Quick Question tool, with MBI’s waitlist validation capabilities, will work together to better manage patient flow and ensure timely, efficient care for patients.

According to West Suffolk Hospital, the integration partnership has already aided in bringing down wait times. Over 10% of patients contacted were removed with the vast majority of removals who had waited less than 40 weeks. This comes as a result of the integration of DrDoctor’s Quick Question tool into MBI’s waitlist validation tool- which now enables teams to send out practical questions to patients in less than five minutes and get rapid responses – to identify whether patients need to be on the waitlist for an appointment. MBI’s AI-backed tool then automatically sorts the Quick Question patient responses, accurately adjusting where there are patients safe to remove without any manual attention.

The tool will support trusts, like West Suffolk Hospital, in improving the patient experience and generating renewed efficiencies. With no login required, the Quick Question tool sees 90% of responses within the first 48 hours, supporting trusts patient engagement digital strategies.

Beyond waitlist reduction, the collaboration also validates patient information instantly, which not only saves administrative burden, but frees up capacity for medical staff. This frees up time previously being spent on laborious and manual waitlist validation work.

Hannah Knights, Head of Operations of Elective Care at West Suffolk Hospital said: “Our operational teams are under immense pressure to support clinical staff while managing the long waits. Our now automated waitlist validation tool allows us to reduce the pressure on our non-medical staff while allowing clinical teams to continue providing the best care. Our top priority is seeing  patients that need to be seen – and leveraging these tools is the best way to tackle the long-standing obstacles in our way”.

Founder of MBI, Barry Mulholland commented: “By leveraging our industry leading solution, West Suffolk Hospital has been able to demonstrate its exceptional commitment to delivering the best care and driving increased operational efficiencies and patient safety. Our partnership with DrDoctor will support trusts in equipping patients with the tools they need to effectively engage in their care, whilst supporting trusts in delivering the necessary outcomes”.

Founder and CEO of DrDoctor, Tom Whicher added: “Our collaboration with MBI is at the core of our mission, which is to help solve the immediate pressures facing the NHS. At DrDoctor, we understand that it is only possible to provide trusts with the best experience by collaborating with committed teams working towards the same end goal, like MBI. We’re delighted to report on the work we’re doing with them at West Suffolk Hospital to help prioritise what we know is most important to trusts right now – waitlist reduction. Integrations like this continue to help us in delivering a more hybrid approach to healthcare for patients – ensuring those who need to be seen in person, are prioritised, and those who can get care remotely, are able to do so”.


By Editor