Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

As summer approaches Homesitters Ltd, the UK’s leading home and pet sitting company, is actively seeking new homesitters ahead of the peak holiday season and is highlighting the benefits of the role including travel opportunities and boosting income.

A report in February from 50+ Choices Roundtable found that one third (3.6 million) of over-50s are engaged in part-time work and 72 per cent want to have flexibility in their work[i].

Other research from Fred Olsen Cruise Lines shows almost a quarter (24%) of 55 and overs say they have got more adventurous with age and three in 10 (29%) travel more now they are retired than they did previously.[ii]

Ben Irvine, Director of Operations at Homesitters Ltd said: “Homesitting is an attractive role for older people who want to be active in retirement or gradually transition to retirement. The chance to travel more is a significant draw for many, and as the role is flexible, it can easily fit around other commitments.

“People can choose as many assignments as they wish and some only work in the summer to take advantage of the lighter days to see new places. We operate nationally, so it is a fantastic opportunity to travel around the UK without paying for hotels or B&Bs. It’s also a great way to spend time with pets, typically dogs and cats, which is a major highlight of the role.”

Homesitters receive a modest remuneration, a food allowance and mileage plus they can make savings on their bills when on assignment. Combined with the travel perks, the role offers a fulfilling way to supplement pension income.

Sharon Payne, 60, from Milton Keynes, discovered homesitting in 2018 after taking early retirement. She was looking for a job that wasn’t office based and found homesitting the ideal fit as it gave her the chance to travel, spend time with pets, and earn a modest income.

Sharon said: “Homesitting may sound like a low key job but it comes with major responsibility as people’s homes and pets are the most important things in people’s lives, apart from their children.”

Sharon enjoys meeting interesting people on assignment. Talking about one of her most memorable assignments she said: “I stayed in a beautiful old house in a small village where I looked after two dogs – and 35 tortoises. I really enjoyed looking after them, although I had to keep going to the local shop for more salad as they eat a kilo of salad every day between them! They are quite low maintenance and mostly put themselves to bed at night although I did have to check they were all in their beds and look for any stragglers.”

Other memorable home sits include staying in a gorgeous Tudor mansion in Cambridgeshire with landscaped gardens and a swimming pool and looking after an extremely well behaved dog near Chelmsford who, when he got muddy, would sit by the door and lift his paws one by one for Sharon to wash and wait to be towel dried off before venturing into the house.

Sharon appreciates the income she receives and is saving money. She explained: “The salary is modest but what I earn I don’t spend. I’ve noticed that since I started home sitting my gas, electric and water bills are significantly lower – my water company keeps reducing my monthly payment. I also get a food allowance, so I eat for free while I’m on assignment.”

Homesitters is currently recruiting. Ideal candidates are responsible and reliable people, who are good listeners, and will be sensitive to clients’ requirements. Proven pet-care skills and a genuine affinity for animals are also a bonus.

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