Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Haier Europe, part of Haier Smart Home and the number one group globally in domestic appliances, has achieved significant fleet improvements following the adoption SureCam’s advanced video telematics ecosystem. The company rolled out the integrated technology across 250 vehicles, used by a team of engineers to support its Candy, Hoover and Haier brands, to target a reduction in fleet risk and associated costs, while streamlining management processes.

“The seamless sharing of footage and data between complementary fleet products and systems is making it possible for us to gain more from video telematics than ever before,” explains Neil Parsons, Fleet & Facilities Operations Manager, Haier Europe. “It has enabled us to take control of multiple aspects of our fleet, freeing up management time, saving operating costs and ultimately improving the safety of our drivers.”


Haier Europe teamed up with longstanding video telematics partner, SureCam, to take advantage of the modular ecosystem that delivers the most comprehensive range of integrated technologies to meet precise fleet and risk management requirements. As well as upgrading its existing vehicle camera solution, the company took advantage of integrated mileage capture and 24/7 incident reporting from SureCam partners The Miles Consultancy (TMC) and Sopp + Sopp.

Following the ongoing success of the video telematics, Haier’s insurance partner paid a 5% net premium bursary, which has been invested in 250 online risk assessments and 25 one-to-one driver training sessions to further support road safety improvements. The system has proved particularly useful in successfully challenging third party claims where the Haier Europe driver was not at fault. During 2023, the company also took the decision to upgrade to dual-camera dashcams that provide added context of what has occurred on the road and inside the cab, with plans to adopt AI-powered driver status monitoring this year.


Meanwhile, SureCam’s platform was integrated with TMC’s software to provide precise mileage and journey data for the recording and auditing of employees’ business mileage and fuel expenditure. This is enabling Haier Europe to automate reporting processes, dramatically reducing the administrative burden for drivers and fleet professionals. Drivers had previously needed to log each individual trip (10-11 per day) and manually input details, whereas now all the data is automatically uploaded, and the driver simply needs to confirm the information.


Haier Europe opted for an integrated monitoring service from Sopp+Sopp, where uploaded footage is reviewed and graded, with incidents reported back within one hour. This has meant the 0.7% of triggered videos made up of collisions, near misses or events of interest were quickly identified, with a further 43.9% providing useful driver behaviour insight and the remainder filtered out as false positives. By video-enabling management processes, Sopp+Sopp can effectively validate driver welfare, streamline claims handling, and reduce insurance costs.

“We needed a technology partner that could develop an innovative video-enabled solution to better manage our vehicles and drivers. The last 12 months has been hugely exciting, with SureCam’s integrated video telematics taking massive strides forward in terms of technology, system and service development,” adds Neil Parsons.


Sam Footer, Partnership Director at SureCam commented: “Vehicle operators with an installed SureCam device are now able to take advantage of an array of fleet products and systems. Working with our customers, we are evolving our modular video telematics ecosystem to help them target continuous improvement in terms of improving road safety, cutting fleet costs, freeing up management time, and making the most of available resources.”

By Editor