Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Homesitters UK, the UK’s leading home and pet sitting company, is on a mission to recruit new homesitters in 2024 to meet increased demand for its service. The company is particularly interested in individuals who are retired or not in full time employment and looking for part time work or people with portfolio careers.

The company wants to attract the growing band of part time workers in the UK. According to analysis Office for National Statistics (ONS) data by Rest Less[i] there has been a 12 per cent increase in over 50s working part time in the last two years, a 26 per cent rise in the last decade and a 56 per cent increase since 2003. Two thirds of people (66 per cent) who were still working past 65 were part time, as well as 40 per cent of people aged 60-64.

Ben Irvine, Director of Operations at Homesitters said: “2024 is set to be a busy year for us. People are travelling again, there has been a huge growth in pet ownership since Covid and demand for our services has risen. We want to hire couples and single people interested in a part time, flexible role that gives people a sense of purpose, a chance to spend time with animals as well as opportunities to travel and boost their income.

“January is always busy with applications but this year we expect this to hit new levels as older people want to continue working to help with cost-of-living challenges. Homesitters are employed directly by us and benefit from the safety net that comes with working with a trusted company, including comprehensive insurance and 24/7 support for people when they are on assignments.”

Homesitting couple Tim and Rosey Mackervoy, both 60 years old, were introduced to home and pet sitting two years ago and couldn’t be happier with their decision to embrace this flexible job.  When Tim’s 40-year career in the construction industry came to an end in 2021, and Rosey, a former child minder, decided to step back from work as well, they were excited by the prospect of starting a new chapter homesitting to keep busy in retirement.

Tim says, “We have stayed in some beautiful places, from Grade II listed properties to new and modern homes, and looked after some incredible pets and had lots of fun doing it. Homesitters check in with us when we are on assignment and always arrange preliminary meetings with clients which we find really useful, so we know exactly how the house works and the pets’ routines before we start.”

The Mackervoys are both animal lovers who have owned two border collies and two cats in the past, but they felt that the timing wasn’t right to commit to owning more pets.

Rosey says, “We now have the opportunity to stay in new places we would never have thought to visit. We miss having our own pets, but doing this job we still can enjoy taking care of animals, which we love. It’s a really great way to get the best of both worlds.

Discussing the other perks of homesitting, Tim says, “We also make savings working as homesitters and have seen lower bills due to our time away on assignments.”

Tim calls their homesitting earnings their ‘pocket money,’ emphasising that all the money they make goes towards paying for their annual holiday.

For Tim and Rosey, homesitting isn’t just a way to fill their time; it’s a lifestyle that combines adventure, animal companionship, and financial benefits.

Homesitters is keen to hear from people interested in home and pet sitting. Ideal candidates are responsible and reliable people, who are good listeners, and will be sensitive to clients’ requirements. Proven pet-care skills and a genuine affinity for animals are also a bonus.

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