Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Eco paint specialists Victory Colours might be known for its green credentials but 70 of its colours have now been certified by The Vegan Society.

Great news for those homeowners who are looking to improve their house as ‘Veganuary’ approaches.

Vicky said: “We are thrilled that our products have been verified by The Vegan Society.

“From day one we set out to create paints that are animal and cruelty-free, sourcing alternative raw materials that are kinder on the animals we share our planet with.

“Our mission from day one was to build a company that delivers amazing paints with fantastic coverage and great pigmentation, but we wanted to ensure our impact on the wider world was positive too.”

Victory Colours’ collection of paints boasts a technically-advanced formulation which not only offers amazing durability but outstanding resistance to stains – making it the perfect choice in busy households. Opacity is high too, which means less paint is required saving both time and money.

Victory Colours’ collection of eco-friendly paints are available now priced at £44.95 for 2.5-litres of matt emulsion. They are available from

By Editor