Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

Air & Grace, the female founded, responsible and super comfortable footwear brand established by Claire Burrows, is known for its luxury comfort, quality, and style. True to their ethos of slow, responsible footwear Air & Grace is bucking the Black Friday discounting trend, and instead opting to do things a little differently.

In April 2023, Air & Grace launched Dancing Queen, their first ever heels. They quickly became a best-seller, garnering a devoted following from customers and influencers alike. Building on Dancing Queen’s success, Air & Grace has a very exciting launch planned for this year’s Black Friday…

Two stunning limited edition colourways: Dancing Queen Black Shimmer, crafted from luxuriously soft suede, and Dancing Queen Burgundy Metallic, crafted in a versatile, soft leather.

Ensuring their shoes tread lightly on the planet, the brand will donate to Trees For Cities. For every pair of the limited edition Dancing Queen purchased, a tree will be planted in an urban area of the UK.

Air & Grace and Trees for Cities have worked together on successful Black Friday campaigns; Colour Friday, The Repurpose Collection and Forest Friday, planting over 500 trees and bringing real benefits to our cities. They are excited to collaborate for a fourth year on ‘Trees for Cities’ urban forest programmes, which directly contributes to the increased physical and emotional wellbeing of citizens in these areas; improves air quality; and helps to mitigate against the impacts of climate change by sequestering greenhouse gases.

Air & Grace remains committed to their philosophy of buying fewer, better-quality products. By encouraging consumers to question the cycle of needless discounting that leads to overconsumption, Air & Grace offers a refreshing alternative. The new Dancing Queen heels exemplify this ethos, combining style and comfort to create versatile footwear that transcends seasons.

Claire Burrows, Founder of Air & Grace says: “I’m so excited about these two special limited edition colours of Dancing Queen. It’s important to me to promote responsible retailing so we choose to say no to Black Friday discounting. Instead we’re giving back by planting trees in urban areas with our friends at Trees for Cities so you can look good and do good.”


Dancing Queen Burgundy Metallic Leather, £169:

Dancing Queen Black Shimmer Suede, £169:



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