Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

Founding members include industry veterans with deep expertise across investment management, technology, cybersecurity and compliance

BlueFlame AI, the generative AI platform for alternative investment managers, today announced its panel of Strategic Advisors. Comprised of industry luminaries with decades of experience in the alternatives space, the group will help drive BlueFlame’s expansion strategy and product roadmap as it brings tailored generative AI experiences to the industry to help firms capture significant time savings and efficiency gains.

BlueFlame’s Strategic Advisors include existing clients, investment professionals, and esteemed FinTech operators with deep industry expertise across investment management, technology, cybersecurity and compliance. The group will support BlueFlame as it advances its client-driven product strategy and global growth initiatives to transform how firms harness the power of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), with safety and compliance at the forefront.


Founding Advisory Board members include:

  • Genie Cesar-Fabian, Former Partner of Palladium Equity Partners, LLC
  • Christopher Cox, Former SEC Chairman, Nine Term Congressman, and White House lawyer
  • Jason Elmer, Founder and President of Drawbridge
  • Alex Goor, Former Chairman of ACA Group and Former Co-CEO and CIO at Instinet
  • Todd Greenbarg, Senior Managing Director and General Counsel at Avenue Capital Group
  • Jordan Lee, Principal at Kian Capital
  • Bill Murphy, Managing Partner at Cresting Wave, Former CTO at Blackstone and Founding CTO at Capital lQ
  • M. Brad Wilford, Partner at TJC
  • Jonathan Zhukovsky, CTO at Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P.


“We have brought on this esteemed set of advisers to ensure that we remain close to what clients and the industry as a whole need, and to help guide our approach and growth. BlueFlame is committed to bringing AI to each department at our alternatives clients, and this group offers an incredible set of perspectives on where and how we can help automate client workflows and deliver efficiency and time savings,” said Raj Bakhru, CEO and Co-founder of BlueFlame AI.


By Editor