Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

ThreatQ Community has over 100 existing members, made up of trusted and experienced professionals contributing to crowdsourced security intelligence aimed at strengthening the community’s defences 

ThreatQuotient™, a leading security operations platform innovator, is pleased to introduce ThreatQ Community, a private cybersecurity community focused on intelligence sharing for the greater good. ThreatQ Community is a rapidly growing group of 136 individual professionals representing 86 companies that are committed to sharing threat intelligence that is helping to level-up the collective group’s threat detection and response capabilities. With the approach proven out through these early members, new requests for membership are being accepted on a rolling basis.

“ThreatQuotient’s technology has always been designed with human users in mind, and we have always believed in the need for well-executed and safe information sharing. We are pleased to announce the details of ThreatQ Community to the larger industry in hopes of growing this network,” said Matt McCormick, Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, ThreatQuotient. “Our current members are highly experienced analysts who are well known to each other in the industry, and are trusted to be discreet. Much like the mindset of the open-source software community, our members recognise the value of making contributions to benefit others. Through this approach, the ThreatQ Community platform is making cyber threat intelligence sharing more attainable and impactful.”

There are two ThreatQ Community membership options: read-only and contributor. Both memberships include free access to a hosted instance of the ThreatQ Platform with more than 50 open-source threat intelligence feeds, and the intelligence shared by fellow community members. All ThreatQ Community members are fully vetted prior to being admitted, and existing members can nominate colleagues or peers to be considered for membership. When it comes to sharing intelligence, it is up to the discretion of individual members for if, when and how they prefer to contribute to the community.

To date, ThreatQ Community has achieved positive outcomes by helping its members adapt their security posture in the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape, while maintaining privacy for those involved. One example of how the community is being leveraged played out recently when a user noticed something new and different across several systems they were monitoring. They uploaded details to ThreatQ Community, alerting all members to indicators of compromise (IOCs) related to what turned out to be an ongoing attack. Other members were able to quickly take action to address this threat within their own environments based on the intelligence shared.


ThreatQ Community User Statements:

“As an early user of ThreatQ Community, I have had the opportunity to see this platform grow and evolve into a highly active and safe environment to share intelligence with peers. What ThreatQuotient has built through ThreatQ Community represents a shift among the cybersecurity community to more intentionally collaborate when the conditions are right. I look forward to being part of this community that is using shared intelligence to strengthen our collective defences.”

 – Aaron Bierlein, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, DeepSeas 


“ThreatQuotient has created a unique sharing hub for cybersecurity professionals that welcomes and encourages participation whether you are an engineer or analyst, and no matter your employer or industry. Within the ThreatQ Community, we are able to collaborate in investigations and discuss current cyber threats, as well as gain a better understanding of evolving threats and actors through crowdsourced intelligence. This is an important community for the cybersecurity industry.”

– Tyler Greer, Cyber Threat intelligence Lead, LPL Financial 


To learn more about ThreatQ Community and apply for a membership, or to nominate someone you know for consideration, please visit


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