Tue. May 28th, 2024

In troubled times with scary, war-filled news stories, it’s uplifting to see that people still want to read and learn more about mutual understanding – and share it with their children.

Perhaps that’s why Fiona Whyte’s first book, only launched on 13 October last week, has already sold out on Amazon.

It’s a tale all about co-operation – when a curious cat meets a little gecko searching for shade and bugs to eat, they strike a bargain that leads to an unlikely friendship.

As the gecko helps the cat find true peace and comfort in their home, they both learn the value of second chances and the rewards of mutual understanding.  Readers of all ages will enjoy following the heartwarming journey of the cat and the clever little gecko as they create a purrfect life together in this touching tale of companionship and selflessness.

I spoke to Fiona and asked about her inspiration for the unusual and light-hearted tale, with a serious message behind it.  Fiona explains:

“I have been writing since a young girl but this is the first to come to fruition after over a year of agreeing illustrations and waiting for publication. Working in the corporate world of finance it’s nice to do something more creative.

“I always loved Aesop’s fables and they inspired me to write me own when we were very lucky to have a gecko move into our house. In parts of South America this is considered good luck. They help to keep homes free of insects and can take on a cockroach!

“Unfortunately my cat had other ideas and five minutes later walked in with our lovely new pet in its mouth. I remember wondering how nice it would be if they could live together – and the tale of The Clever Little Gecko followed!”

Fiona recalls sadly that the real-life cat and gecko never quite managed to live in harmony, but the fantasy tale very much strikes a chord in present times.

“Cats may not have the ability to live in peace – but human beings do.  I hope this book inspires kids to live together happily rather than fight and learn how they can support one another – it’s so relevant to the current news.”

The book is currently sold out at Amazon but is available direct from the publishers at https://www.austinmacauley.com/book/clever-little-gecko

By Editor