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Ativa suite provides 360° intelligence and operations across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure

Includes AIOps, zero-touch configuration, active assurance, intelligent workflow automation and outcomes-based solutions

Paris, France – Thursday February 24th, 2022 – Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation (NLA), today announced Infovista Ativa™, its new suite of cloud-native applications for Automated Assurance and Operations of cloudified, fixed, IP and wireless networks. The Ativa suite of applications addresses the complexity of network and service management to provide CSPs with a single source of truth for 360° visibility, interoperability and predictive automation, from the customer to the network resource and underlying infrastructure.

Ativa replaces siloed, fragmented, domain-oriented OSS and assurance systems that focus on multiple disparate domains such as subscriber, service, network, or infrastructure with a single cloud-native suite of automated operations and assurance applications. It enables a wide range of use case-based solutions – such as customer experience and device analytics, network segment performance management, IoT assurance, Smart CAPEX planning, and predictive SLA management.

Ativa includes advanced automation capabilities, including AIOps, zero-touch configuration, active assurance, and workflow automation. This enables a new generation of automated cloud-based service operations center (SOC) that equips service providers to improve quality whilst reducing costs through system consolidation, process automation and the automation of network changes.

“The complex and dynamic nature of 5G and cloudified networks makes effective network and service management impossible without 360° visibility and automation across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure,” said Yann Le Helloco, CTO at Infovista. “By combining domain and data silos with a powerful automation engine, Ativa enables CSPs to realize agile, efficient and scalable operations, based on a single source of truth. Ativa is cloud-native by design, correlating subscriber experience, service quality and resource performance to deliver end-to-end automated assurance and network optimization through a single pane of glass.”

Infovista Ativa enables a wide range of real-time and predictive Automated Assurance capabilities to support advanced network and service operations, such as:

  • End-to-end subscriber, service and network intelligence, including geospatial customer behavior analytics and automated correlated visualization of content-specific customer experience KPIs such as mean opinion score (MOS)
  • Enterprise SLA performance visualization, including the real-time normalization and summarization of enterprise SLAs, and enterprise self-service portals supporting initial triage of issues, enabled by a cloud-native architecture providing flexible multi-tenancy capabilities
  • Cross-domain troubleshooting, from the identification of ongoing, or predicted, issues impacting customer experience to the underlying root-cause, including network resource faults, service configuration issues, network congestion and user device compatibility
  • Service and domain orchestrator interoperability, with data enrichment and recommended actions to support open- and closed-loop automation driven by open APIs
  • Automated zero-touch configuration, for network healing actions based on flexible configurable automation workflows
  • Real-time network fault analytics and prioritization, with automated and predictive correlation of events to support the identification and troubleshooting of customer-impacting events

Infovista Ativa is underpinned by an open, cloud-native platform utilizing industry standard Open APIs and software development kits (SDKs) that allow customers and partners to extend the available catalog of pre-configured Infovista solutions and build their own applications and use cases.

Pre-configured automated solutions powered by Ativa include 360° Assurance for mobile operators delivering 3G/4G/5G-NSA and 5G-SA services like SLA-backed 5G slices, overlay services, video and voice, as well as cross-domain, end-to-end geolocated troubleshooting and advanced operational analytics. Ativa also powers 360° Assurance for wireline, broadband, cable operators and roaming carriers to enable the end-to-end monitoring of traffic, performance, service quality and customer experience, from user equipment (UE) and devices to the core network, connectivity services and applications they consume.

Ativa also supports Network Lifecycle Automation solutions that interoperate with Infovista or third-party applications to enhance planning, deployment and monetization with operational intelligence.

The Infovista Ativa suite of applications can be deployed independently or in combination, and include:

  • Ativa Net™ for cross-domain visibility of network resources and infrastructure performance. It correlates network services, VNFs and infrastructure for rapid troubleshooting
  • Ativa App™ for cross-domain visibility of subscriber-facing and resource-facing services. It proactively monitors and troubleshoots QoS and enterprise SLAs across wireless and wireline
  • Ativa Experience™ for cross-domain visibility of perceived subscriber experience, including deep packet analysis
  • Ativa Automated Ops™ for automated AI/ML-driven predictive analytics; network and service orchestrator interoperability; zero-touch resource configuration; NOC/SOC workflow automation; and active testing and validation

Available in June 2022, Ativa is an all-new cloud-native assurance suite that combines new software innovations, microservices from existing Infovista software assets – including from its market-leading planning and testing product lines – and partner integrations.

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