Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

ExpressTest, one of the UK’s largest Covid-19 screening service providers, has brought in service design agency Absurd to lead its next phase of transformational change.

As well as introducing innovative platform functionality and design updates, Absurd will also now manage the platform with a focus on ensuring it scales with and capitalises on increased demand. The firm predicts it will soon be processing more than 30,000 Covid test bookings every day.

Operated by the direct-to-consumer division of Cignpost Diagnostics Limited, ExpressTest has more than 30 corporate sites and a further 14 screening facilities across the country, with testing sites at major airports including Heathrow, Gatwick and Edinburgh, as well as the NEC, Burnley Football Club and Reading FC. Cignpost provides corporate testing to clients such as Netflix, the BBC, Amazon and the PGA European Tour, leading the way for our sports, arts and film industries to get back into the studio or on the field.

A refreshed website, with a revised infrastructure, is being created to cater for the huge number of bookings now being made via the platform. The new site will feature a refreshed booking process and the focus has been placed on creating an enhanced user experience throughout the booking journey, with scalability allowing new testing sites and additional Covid testing products to be added with ease.

CEO of Steve Whatley says: “With such rapid and huge demand for Covid-19 screening, we reacted with speed to be able to offer consumers the capability to purchase and book tests at sites where we operate as DHSC approved partners. But we’re now creating a much more efficient online experience.

“Working with Absurd, we will be introducing new digital functionality and improved features on the site to ensure our digital capabilities meet the ever-growing needs for our services.  While working responsively and with agility, we have a robust strategic roadmap in place to drive through future developments.

“Our mobile labs are playing an important part in the country’s ongoing battle against the virus, and we’re expanding our sites all the time. Absurd have given us first rate advice as well as the ability to succeed in our next phase of growth.

“Following the successful launch of our screening centres within the UK, ExpressTest is now conducting a pilot for home testing kits. Upon satisfactory results, we will make the kits available on our website.”

Oliver Bailey, co-founder of Absurd, commented: “Like with most organisations trying to navigate through the pandemic, agility and the ability to react with speed is crucial for ExpressTest.

“We’re creating a platform and framework that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the business and have also put a team in place to continually evolve the platform to best meet the needs of consumers.

“It’s a pleasure to be working with Steve and his teams, who are providing such important services across the UK, and we look forward to supporting their exciting digital transformation journey as their partners.”

By Editor