Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

New research from Solicitors Percy Hughes & Roberts reveals that employees across a wide range of industries are too worried to report injuries sustained in the workplace to their employer in case it ‘makes their boss angry’.

38% of respondents who had been involved in an accident told researchers that they did not report it because they were worried their employer would be angry, or they did not believe anything would be done as a result, according to the survey carried out by the Wirral-based legal specialist, which questioned 650 respondents about their experiences regarding workplace injury.

Messy Workstations and Slipping Hazards represent biggest safety hazards

The research also highlighted messy workstations and slipping hazards as the most commonly seen hazards in workplaces across all industries. Some 24% of respondents had witnessed messy workstations in their workplace, while 27% had come into contact with slipping hazards.

Alison Beech, Partner at Percy Hughes & Roberts, said:

“The results of the survey are incredibly worrying, and employees should never feel worried about the stigma of reporting an incident if they are injured while carrying out their job.

“It is an employer’s duty to keep their workforce safe, and this means if any incidents take place, it is their responsibility to ensure that it is dealt with correctly. Employers have insurance policies in place to prepare for eventualities such as these, which are used for any compensation payments, so employees need not worry about the financial side of making a claim for compensation.”

Construction can be particularly challenging.  Barry construction company, Precision Construction, said:

“By it’s nature, construction is hazardous, but the industry’s macho attitudes to minor injuries doesn’t help – all injuries have to be recorded in the accident book, even minor ones.  We work hard to keep our construction workers safe.”

Environment & Agriculture ‘most unsafe’ industries

The industries with the most respondents who said their workplace was either “unsafe” or “very unsafe” were Environment & Agriculture (27%), Energy & Utilities (22%), Engineering & Manufacturing (19%) and Recruitment & HR (16%).

Alison said:

“It is interesting to see that more people in retail, sales and healthcare view their workplace as unsafe, as opposed to arguably more obvious sectors such as construction and manufacturing. Employers in these sectors are subject to the same penalties as those in those that are perceived as more dangerous, so it’s vital that immediate action is taken to remove hazards from all workplaces.”


By Editor